Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yes, Barry Obama's Ideology is WRONG

....and is the VERY source of everything that is wrong in the world. Not Barry Obama, individually, but the ideology BEHIND the people that elected this moron, who is obviously the luckiest dude to ever live.

Where do I begin? Let's make a disclaimer of sorts first.

Do I hate Barry Obama? No, I do not know him, but I can make some educated assumptions about him. The number one assumption that I can make is that he is LITERALLY the dumbest person ever to be elected President of the United States and his election was only made possible by Democrats and public school teachers ruining a really fine educational system. The second assumption that I can make is that the ONLY reason that he was elected is because of his skin color, it certainly was NOT because of any of his accomplishments, which are NON-EXISTENT. (Well, except for getting elected President of the United States.)

And I told you that YEARS AGO. Granted, I was hideously wrong in what would become of him. I stated that he would become as relevant as Charlie Rangel or Cynthia McKinney. I made this statement in October of 2005, too. I knew THEN that Barry Obama was an idiot. This is NOT something that I just realized and it is certainly NOT something that I have just been proclaiming since he was elected president. I even stated that the VERY reason that he was elected to the Senate was because he was not "TOO BLACK." You see, I have paid attention FOR YEARS to this buffoon.

By the way, the ONLY way that Barry Obama got elected to the Senate in the very first place was NOT because he was a visionary, but because the INCUMBENT REPUBLICAN decided to NOT run for re-election. Jack Ryan, the Republican candidate had to withdraw in June of 2006, less than five months before the November election and Alan Keyes became the nominee. Obama won with 70% of the vote against someone that was not even FROM Illinois. As a matter of fact, the ONLY reason Obama got elected to the Illinois State House, his very first political office, was because of electoral shenanigans anyway.

The guy is NOT exceptional in ANY way and has never placed a single accomplishment on his resume. Not one. To celebrate Obama becoming President of our country is to celebrate MEDIOCRITY in all forms. But, it is certainly proof that LITERALLY ANYONE can become president, even someone that has done NOTHING for their entire life. I suggest we NOT allow this to continue in the future. Personally, I want the most powerful man on the entire planet to be a freaking genius and have a list of accomplishments so long as to boggle the mind.

Now, to the ideology of Obama and his fellow Democrats that is just so utterly idiotic as to defy all intelligence. Do I think that Barry Obama is the CAUSE of any of the problems in our society today? Of course not, he is too freaking STUPID to come up with any of his ideas on his own. Again, I told you that in October of 2005, Obama is a mental lightweight and always has been. As a side note, if Obama was so freaking smart and was such an exceptional person, why, oh why, have the Democrats not thrown his college transcripts into the national media to show us how intelligent this guy is? Because he is a nobody and is mediocre in every way. I bring up the transcripts because there is history in the rest of his professional career that has ZERO accomplishments on his resume. He has done NOTHING for nearly fifty damned years, folks. Who else in public office can claim that they never did anything?

We are currently in the worse economic straights that we have experienced since Jimmy Carter and NOTHING is going to get better as long as the Democrats are in charge. NOTHING, because Democrats are WRONG in their ideology and their programs that they promote are sandpoundingly DUMB. Oddly, the Democrats are doubling down on stupidity TODAY, as I type this, too.

Do you want to know why the economy is in the damned shambles it is in right this minute? BECAUSE OF DEMOCRATS, THEIR IDEOLOGY, THEIR WASTEFUL SPENDING, AND THEIR DESTRUCTION OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR. Democrats' ideology is the CAUSE of the problems.

As a sidebar, I also blame George W. Bush for signing into law the very things that have caused this financial meltdown and HE KNEW THAT IT WOULD HAPPEN, TOO. Everyone did. That is, everyone with a functioning brain.

My favorite topic to bring up on this economic calamity caused by Democrats is the minimum wage. My very first post on the minimum wage was published on March 16, 2005. I called it FASCISM, because that is what it IS.

Just for a point of reference, and to continually hammer the issue home, the Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007 when the economy was banging on all cylinders. What metric do you want to use to determine that? Yes, there were certainly some problems with the way things were destined to end up, because of Democrat social programs, but at least the PRIVATE SECTOR was carrying the load of those things. The very first thing that the Democrats did when they took control of an economy, that was chugging along with a 4.6% unemployment RATE, was to pass legislation increasing the minimum wage every year until 2009. George W. Bush signed that bill instead of telling everyone that unemployment would explode and the Mexican illegals would come pouring over the border. He knew that, everyone knew that, too.

The booming economy IMMEDIATELY screeched to a halt and started the EXPECTED retraction. There was nothing else that could have happened. EVERYONE KNEW IT, TOO.

From April 2005, another post on the stupidity of the minimum wage.

Here's a post from right BEFORE the Democrats took over Congress where I blame myself for what is ABOUT TO HAPPEN. I also pointed out that George W. Bush was NOT a conservative. Again, anyone that did NOT know what was about to be foisted upon our country had not been paying attention to FACTS. With "Universal Healthcare" pr0n, too! Please read this post, BECAUSE I TOLD YOU MYSELF.

Here's my post in November of 2007, after a year of Democrat rule and the economy crumbling. I warned everyone THEN what was coming if we continued to elect Democrats. You were warned, folks. I TOLD YOU, MYSELF.

Here's me checking in on the economy in August 2008. Again, it is right there for you to see. I TOLD YOU MYSELF.

But, the jump in unemployment was STILL UNEXPECTED by the Barrystream Media.

Here's a post on December 20, 2008, about what was about to happen since Barry Obama won the election and he had a Democrat Congress. Again and again, everyone was warned what was coming. And again, I was right as usual. I TOLD YOU MYSELF.

From April 2009, the DJIA is jumping around like crazy, but what in the Hell are we going to do about it? Well of course we know now that we are going to shore up the major banks, give money to all the big companies run by labor unions, and take a monumental bite out of all the economy. It is the final coffin nail to freedom, too. And this blog was RIGHT ON TOP OF IT. I told you so.

So far, I have penned over one hundred twenty posts, telling everyone that will listen, exactly what is going to happen with our money, yet still, the Barrystream Media tells you the direct contradictory things. I have been right every time, they have been wrong every time. At some point, I would assume that you would listen to me instead of them.

I do not get it, folks. Can someone PLEASE tell me why the national media and Democrats still exist when LOGIC tells us that is impossible?

Again, I do not HATE Barry Obama, he means nothing as most imbeciles do. But, he is the figurehead of the movement. But, there is ONE prediction that has yet to come to fruition because there has not been enough water under the bridge, YET. From an update to a post in June 2008, I predicted that electing Barry Obama to the presidency would set race relations back "a hundred years or more." Squat and watch, it is GOING TO HAPPEN.

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Skunkfeathers said...

I bow to the Great One, 'cuz in '05 I hadn't even HEARD of this putz (I did NOT watch the '04 DNC liefest). I knew enough by primary season in '08 to know there was no legitimate way this clown should get elected; but the guilt-ridden, racist-mongering libtards went so far as to throw the smartest woman alive aside, to assuage their libtard guilt, to elect a moron.

Oh well...mods and independents are running the other way, finally awakened. Let's hope they stay so thru '10 and into/beyond '12.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, I saw about one minute of the 2004 stutter-a-thon and was muchly underwhelmed. I thought, "Wow, if this is the keynote, we have NOTHING to worry about for the rest of all history." But, I am not an idiot. Of course, then The McCainiac was nominated and I shit my pants.

Bayouchild, did you read where the Obama Administration gave BP an exemption on Deepwater Horizon's EPA inspection last year? Because they DID.

Anonymous said...

Yep. The O-ner received massive campaign contributions from Broken Pipes, too. They got him in their pocket. Same with Klan Parenthood.

Anonymous said...

I've been blogging on it.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, you started posting again. I added you back to my reader. I thought that you had given up blogging entirely!

MUD said...

If you made 6 million dollars last year and got elected POTUS you would think things are pretty damned good. That whole damned Washington crown needs changed. They are spending our money like it was no big deal. I know that it took Bush 8 years to double the National Debt and Barry only One but dang, when is enough, enough?
NRA (Never Reelect Anyone) MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

MUD, maybe it is better if we fire every last one of them on The Hill, but can we lock up all the Democrats, too? Heaven forbid another one of them could get elected again.