Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sheer and Total Failure is Difficult to Watch

Since we are chronicling the AWESOMENESS that is Barry Obama, we would be remiss to not point out that we just had the worst May for the DJIA since 1940. The Dow lost 7.92% this month. Remember, "WE ARE THE CHANGE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR." Ignore the fact that statement defies all grammatical rules ever published and not only that, it is so stupid that most people just laughed at Barry's arrogance. No, in Barry's world, and therefore in the "Progressive" realm, accomplishment is unnecessary, it is JUST ABOUT WORDS.

Just keep repeating, "Smartest President in History™!"

Folks, it PAINS me to watch these things and STILL see people that actually support the "CHANGE" we are seeing daily. Is there a point where everyone comes to the ultimate conclusion that FAILURE is the only end result of everything the Democrats are doing? Of course not, idiots obviously outnumber intelligent people by a large margin and that is to be expected when stupidity is what you set out to accomplish.

In fact, even Reuters points out that the only thing Obama has accomplished is CARING. Of course, you have to sift through a whole bunch of NOTHING to get to the point of that article.

Obama CARES, folks. That is really, really good because obviously he cannot ACCOMPLISH anything. Anyone that has been paying attention knew this YEARS ago.

If you want to see the TIMELINE of what Obama has done since the explosion of Deepwater Horizon, HERE IT IS.

The conclusion of the Obamoron's feckless non-response to the explosion can be summed up with two soundbites. Ignore the fact that both of those idiots were lying through their teeth, they asked their small daughters what to do about REAL WORLD PROBLEMS. If that doesn't show stupidity, I just do not know what does.

If you want to see a dramatization of Obama's reactions to anything that has transpired since we screwed up and elected him, here it is. (Hat-Tip: David Thompson)

And what do criminals do when they are exposed as such? Well, they have to start covering up their criminal activity. Then they send everyone that they find to help in that cover-up, into the breech to help with the dishonesty.

To you Obamabots, I understand entirely that you simply must keep up the ruse of supporting this guy, you have too much to lose if you do not. But, us normal folks are totally aware of what you are doing, you can now quit playing the game. The only people that you are convincing are idiots that cannot see the truth.

You elected Obama, now it is time to get rid of him and admit your mistake.

Oh, and while you are at it, get rid of that moron, Nancy Pelosi, too.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Granted, the pain of the lesson will be society-wide, even to those too stupid to realize they have shot themselves in the foot with their racial allegiance; but in one respect, the election of Barry has shown a more telling light of truth on the libtard ideology and all it's flaws. A light that even the slavish media cannot extinguish.

The first wave of how that light has revealed in inner deceit of liberalism, will wash ashore in November 2010.