Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why yes, my opinions ARE correct.

It is hard to argue against the point that we now have a federal government that is totally opposed to the Constitution and individual liberty. It is hard to argue against the point that we have in fact elected a Marxist to the highest position in the world. However, this makes it very easy to point out the steps that are being undertaken to undermine our liberties. This helps tremendously in educating people that are not aware of the impending doom headed toward our country, and subsequently the world, unless we take monumental steps to halt the growth of the slave mentality in our young people.

Please keep telling yourself, the Democrat Party IS the party of slavery and they have always made the efforts to reinstitute that slavery whenever they are in power.

In every instance in our history, when people have been smacked down by the powers that be, it was ALWAYS the Democrats that were the slave masters. Pick any single instance in recent history that you like. Black Wall Street in Tulsa in 1921, numerous race riots in Chicago throughout the years, Selma in 1965 (which Obama claims gave rise to his birth, four years after he was born), Jim Crow laws, all of them, Watts in 1965, Detroit in 1967, Los Angeles in 1992, lynchings for over one hundred years, the Ku Klux Klan from 1865 to the present, all of these historical happenings are only found where Democrats are running the show.

Now, in the name of "equality" and since the time of my birth, the almighty federal government has made an all out effort to destroy freedom and liberty in this country. Yes, in the entire course of my life (only twelve of those was Congress controlled by Republicans), the Party of Slavery has been running amok. Still to this very day, Democrats do everything in their power to destroy wealth and individuality in this country.

The sheer and utter failures of the Democrat Party are rarely, if ever, discussed in the light of day. The national media has a vested interest in making sure that they never do either. This is corruption on the highest level and must be stopped, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Luckily, believe it or not, we have elected a BUFFOON to the White House that is determined to rubber-stamp every idiotic piece of legislation that the Corruptocrats in the Democrat Party send him. While it might take fifty years to undo the hideous crimes perpetrated upon our population by these criminals, at least normal people have started paying attention.

In the past year and a half, so much has happened to turn the eyes of our nation to the Hill, that everyone that is concerned about the well being of their families (and their futures) has begun to REVOLT. Thomas Jefferson even pretty much stated that this should happen.

Normal people that never listen to ANYTHING going on in our country actually stood up and clapped when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie basically told a public school teacher to shut her cakehole. Normal people that have always heralded our public school teachers are finally coming to the realization that the entire system is corrupt, is not benefiting our children, and is turning out a product that is so vastly defective that there is no hope for these products. Please ignore the fact that either this teacher was LYING or so sandpoundingly stupid that she had no clue what kind of salary she makes. I think she had no clue what she makes, because the overwhelming majority of school teachers that I have met are just DUMB. The New Jersey teacher that Governor Christie smacked around also makes $83,389 a year, PLUS about $22,000 a year in "benefits."

Please understand that New Jersey has less than a 15:1 student to teacher ratio, some of the highest costs per pupil in the country, and just 42% of eighth graders scored at or above 'proficient.' Granted only 30% of the nation scored that well, but still, don't you think that 42% is a FAILING grade? Less than HALF?

And with the federal government demanding more and more time to "educate" our kids, those kids get even DUMBER. What do normal people do when something is achieving end results that are exactly the opposite of what they want to achieve? They stop doing the same thing and expecting that a different result will occur. But, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!! Instead, the almighty federal government asks for still MORE money to dump into the hole even when more and more corruption is exposed. Do NOT attempt to "reform" Head Start, END IT, NOW. "Head Start!" What a completely contradictory name for an idiotic program. Maybe the government means "A Head Start on becoming a moron?"

Not only are those very same teachers of lower IQ, but they are also molesting our children at an alarming rate. You see, when an adult talks to children about sex, that act immediately puts those very same teachers in the damned pedophile camp. An adult, other than a child's parent, discussing sex with that underage kid, is perpetrating a crime in my opinion. Sure, teach a kid about anatomy, that is kinda important, but when a teacher starts talking about screwing with a minor, it is time to draw the line. Molestation in the Catholic Church is a serious problem, yet pales in comparison to the molestation occurring by the minute in our public schools.

As far as the Barrystream Media is concerned, those very same folks have promoted the ideology of our current president FOR YEARS. Time Magazine was loving on Robert Mugabe W-A-Y back in 1980, before they even knew about Barry Obama. In case you are unaware, Mugabe holds the very same ideology as President Douchey McLibtard. And just out of wonderment, how has that ideology fared in the economic realm in what was once Rhodesia? Well, in 1990, the life expectancy for a Zimbabwean was 64 years old, now it is a WHOPPING 34 years old. In a mere twenty years, they have reduced life expectancy by almost HALF doing exactly what the Obamoron has proposed and implemented. Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is the LOWEST IN THE WORLD. Furthermore, in 2009, the Zimbabwean dollar was simply suspended because of hyperinflation and the Democrat Ideology FAILBOAT sailing into Zimbabwe's port.

This is the change that over half of our country voted for in 2008.

There are even some folks that still believe that the methods for "recovery" formulated by the most intellectually incurious bunch of imbeciles to ever lead our government. Here is a list of questions for those of you that actually believe in ANYTHING that Obama is doing. Of course, people that still believe in Obama's ideology are not deterred by the mounting evidence against his idiocy. And of course, they are hideously wrong in their opinions.

Not only that, the Democrats have no problem passing legislation attempting to show fiscal restraint and then immediately disregarding that very legislation. Democrats are beyond help and must be removed from office at every possible chance. Well, UNLESS an enslaved population is really what you want to accomplish.

While the Democrats are busy passing laws that they never intend to enforce, the Executive Branch is busy trying to bribe members of their own party to maintain control of our government. Yes, I am very well aware that this CRIME has always gone on, but we now have an administration that doesn't care that all of their crimes are shown to the public daily by the only legitimate news outlets that you can find, BLOGS. There remains a portion of our population that BENEFITS from Democrat corruption and cannot be swayed to change their ideology from the slave mentality. Democrats pay these deadbeats NOT TO WORK, so they will continue to elect Democrats.

So, what do we need to do to change things? Democrats HAVE TO GO. Even Gene Taylor (Dumbass-MS4) HAS TO GO. We need to remove any and all chances for Obamanomics to grow even more oppressive and enslaving. Until the Party of Slavery is defeated and disbanded, our individual freedoms are increasingly in jeopardy and no one can rest.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Game, set, match. DC public schools are the most expensive at cost-per-pupil in the nation, and some of the worst achieving, period. And who controls DC? Libtard Democraps! They wreck everything decent they touch. Destroy the Democrat Party at the ballot box in '10, and continue until it's road kill, election after election. Freedom isn't free, and marxism isn't freedom.

Mary said...

You are the greatest....hahaha, i LOVED that "President Douchey McLibtard"