Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day : A Two Dogs, "Just So You Know" Post (UPDATED Twice!)

UPDATE: I just read this post and have no clue why I called the North Vietnamese "NORKS." But, just know that instead of North Koreans, I meant North Vietnamese. Same thing, little yellow people that hate ALL people.

While having a conversation this morning with a friend of mine, it became apparent that she was unaware of exactly how stupid and enslaving "Progressivism" really is. For me, everything in life originates from my personal philosophy of "Individuality, Freedom, and Liberty."

I do not give one shit what you do in your life, but I do care if you intrude on others. Especially me. To "legally" take my earnings to give to deadbeats that have never worked a day in their miserable, hate-filled lives, PISSES ME OFF.

All that above crap brings me to what Earth Day is and why it is.

April 22, Earth Day, is Vladimir Lenin's birthday. For those of you that attended public school within the last forty years and do not know this name, Lenin was the creator of the Soviet Communist Party, the "Progressive" Promised Land Party.

Throughout history, Communism is responsible for the deaths of around 200 million people worldwide. This number can never be solidified because "Progressives" have taken over the research branch of our world. They have a vested interest in covering up exactly how many people their ideology has killed.

What is Communism exactly? It is the subjugation of individual natural rights to the "betterment" of the collective. Simply put, there is no individual person considered ever in Communism, the philosophy is directed at the fulfillment of the desires of the PUBLIC GOOD. The term "Public Good" can NEVER be defined. And the goal post set by that standard continues to be moved indefinitely by the group in the charge at the minute.

Oceania is at war with Eastasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia. I mean Eurasia. Get it?

Now, the "PEACE" movement. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was a group that advanced the theory of nuclear disarmament of EUROPE. Not of the world, mind you, but just of Europe. They wanted the Soviet Union to keep their NUKES. That is because they were so awesome in the USSR. Those European Communists originated the PEACE symbol which signifies a destroyed cross, because allegedly, Communists are all atheists. Kate Hudson, not the US actress, is the current General Secretary of the nuke disarmament group. You will see from her Wiki page that she is also a Communist.

In the 1960s, the "Peace" Movement, which is also Communist, began to demonstrate across the country against the war in Vietnam against the Norks, who were Communist. One of the most prominent activists at the time was a dude named Denis Hayes, who is currently the President of the Bullitt Foundation, a Communist front group from Seattle that promotes "environmentalism." (Dorothy Bullitt is tangential reading because of her Seattle media stronghold that is instrumental in promoting ALL THINGS "Progressive.")

Hayes also was one of those idiots that took time off from working and being a productive member of society to go backpacking around the world. Think he smoked WEED?

Denis Hayes went on to Harvard's Kennedy School of Batshit Dumbassery and stayed there until Senator Gaylord Nelson (Communist/Democrat-WI) asked him to put down the hash pipe and organize "Earth Day" in 1970. So, dumbass Denis dropped out, turned on, and hated the United States.

During the Obama I Administration, the Jimmuh Cartuh Era, Hayes became the head of the Solar Energy Research Institute, a part of Carter's new Department of Energy that was formed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I think that we all know how that has turned out, amirite?

Where this all leads at some point is to the final conclusion that if you are "Progressive," you are the source of all things evil in the world. The death of humans is your final goal. There is no way around that FACT. Abortion, environmentalism, atheism, Communism, hatred of freedom and capitalism, your desire to FORCE all people to do what you command at any point, your ObamaCare that will give the power of medical decisions to a nameless, faceless BOARD, your reverence when talking about the welfare mother, that has never worked a day in her life, your petitions against agri-business that feeds the world, your outlawing of DDT that eradicates mosquitoes and the subsequent diseases, your desire to return to a pre-industrial world, obviously without the wheel because you worship American Indians, your overwhelming NEED to reduce the wealth (by taxation) of those that are BETTER THAN YOU, your circular arguments with no end, your vilification of anyone that has a brain and practices independent thought, et al., ad infinitum.

Barry Obama is currently the titular head of your movement. Embrace him, he hates people.

Now, here is the way to HONESTLY try to convert people to your side of the political debate. If you are "Progressive," simply say, "I want to kill or enslave all people on Earth." See how many converts you collect with honesty.

Please share this post. Do it. You know you want to.

This has been a Two Dogs Public Service Announcement.

UPDATED AGAIN: I ran across this post about NPR talking about the FEAR of Communism being the real sticking point, not Communism being the sticking point, which brought back memories of THIS POST from Your MoM.

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ChristopherConservative said...

"For those of you that attended public school within the last forty years and do not know this name, Lenin was the creator of the Soviet Communist Party"

Oh we and they know the name (by the by I am 46 years of age) it is just what is not taught about him.

I invite you and your readers to a post I did awhile back that seems to be gaining favor as of late and goes well beyond 'Earth Day' and also works toward converting people with honesty,,it starts with an apology from the left,,,,,

paul_mitchell said...

Sorry for the moderation, there have been a bunch of junk links lately.

I, too am 46, CC, but I did not learn my history in public school for the most part. Great post that you linked, too!

Moogiep said...

there is no individual person considered ever in Communism

I gotta disagree with that. The individuals at the top of the food chain -- those who decide from day-to-day just what, exactly, is "The Public Good," the group in charge at the minute, get plenty of bennies. Just ask Michelle. Or *shiver* Pelosi.

Moogiep said...

Dang! I didn't realize that you're such a youngster!

paul_mitchell said...

Moogie, I grew up on a farm in rural Mississippi, I was elderly before I hit double digits.

paul_mitchell said...

Oh, yes, they do, but they are also the first slaughtered when things go from terrible to worser terribler.

Moogiep said...

So, are you saying that there could be an upside? Hel-lo, silver lining!

paul_mitchell said...

I'm always an optimist.

Skunkfeathers said...

The top lives corruptly, off the forced labor of the serfs. "Do as I say, not as I do" is the true nature of Communism. That is why Lenin referred to those who helped him achieve command and control over Russia, "useful idiots". Barry, Reid, Bela Pelosi, the labor union leadership...all want to be Lenin, and can have power ONLY because of the "useful idiots" who empower them.